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Solar Wallpaper (2004)

Solar Powered light reactive electroluminecent wallpaper

Sustainable energy is the motivation and inspiration for this unique lighting product. The Solar Powered Wallpaper is a result of the efforts to bring together environmentally conscious design with a strong sense of aesthetics and the latest in innovative lighting technology. Designed to work both with solar power and conventional energy to bring beautiful lighting to your environment. This project was developed by Marta Lwin, Ty Whitfield, Teresita Cochran, and Ramakrishnan Subramanian during the Sustainable Energy Class at ITP.

By embedding electroluminescent materials into the design pattern of the wall paper and incorporating a built-in light sensor, the wallpaper can respond to the lighting requirement of a room, acting as a decorative element when a room is naturally bright, and as a flat wallpaper light when the room requires more light. With power supplied from a solar charged battery, it can also be manually controlled to increase or decrease luminosity. Sustainable, efficient, functional, and technologically sexy. The idea was inspired by the sustainable designs of Ross Lovegrove, Julian Lwin of LwinDesign, and Droog Design.
Special thanks to White Electronics for their generous donation of EL lamps.


marta and sita with wallpaper during the itp winter show 2004