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marta lwin cv
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Education Interactive Telecommunications Program
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
Masters of Professional Studies, 2006

Kingsway College
Multimedia Certificate, 1997

  Hampshire College
Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art, Environmental Policy, 1993
Experience Marta Lwin is a an artist, programmer, designer, and researcher. Marta has worked with new media installations, sculptural electronics, interactive animation, and web-based work since 2000. Clients include: Greenpeace, UNEP, Women's Environmental Network and Best Partners.
Exhibitions BAPLab
3rd Ward Gallery
"episkin" biotech installation
Brooklyn, New York
July 2006
Eyebeam Art and Technology Center
"polymorphic [d(eoxyribo)n(ucleic) a(cid)]: a love story" custom software, installation
Spring 2006
New York, NY
May 2006
  Coming into View
"episkin" biotech installation
Boston, MA
February 2006
  Seamless Fashion Show
Boston Museum of Science
"episkin" biotech installation
Chicago, IL
May 2006
  Interactive Telecommunications Program
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, NY, NY,
Spring/Fall 2005,
Spring 2006
Digital Media, Networked, and Interactive Media art projects.
Chelsea Museum
Interactive Media, "Solar Powered Wallpaper"
New York, New York
April 2005
  FirstStop Show 2004
Networked, and Interactive Media art project Riparian
Brooklyn, New York
May 2004
  Elsewhere Open Studios
Brooklyn NY
September 2003
  FirstStop Show 2003
Brooklyn, New York
May 2003
Brooklyn NY
September 2003
  Williamsburg Historical Society Open Show
Brooklyn NY
September 2001
Commissions and Awards Turbulence Art Commission
cellphone based, street annotaion project
Funded by Jerome Foundation
June 2006

New York University Arts Merit Scholarship 2004-2006

Rose Biller Scholarship 2004-2006

JFW Scholarship 2004

Skills Programming - Java, PHP, Perl, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Action Script, Processing, Wiring, PIC BASIC.
Hardware - Arduino, PIC / BASIC Microcontrollers, Electronic Circuits, Peripherals, Installation setup.